Scorpions in the Dark

Arizona Scorpion

Helpful tips to rid yourself of a scorpion problem:


If you are a young person or suffer from illness, you are at the greatest risk of complications from a scorpion sting. Scorpions have killed two people in Arizona within the last 30 years. Arizona Scorpion Pest Control is something you need to take care of right away. The venom of a bark scorpion in particular can cause severe pain at a sting site, numbness, frothing at the mouth, difficulty breathing, respiratory paralysis, muscle twitching and convulsions. That being said, there are many preventive measures you can take to ensure that the risk of exposure to these insects is minimalized.


Firstly, ensuring that the food source for scorpions isn’t raising around your home is priority #1. If the scorpion doesn’t have anything to eat then you won’t have to worry about it setting up its home in your area. Scorpions typically enjoy a variety of food, such as crickets and small insects. To minimalize the amount of these living around your home you will need to ensure that the grass is always kept cut very low to the ground. Crickets especially love to live in areas of high grass. Other things you may want to consider is keeping any objects sitting around off of the ground. Bugs love a good shade and that is exactly what objects are to them. They certainly aren’t hanging around under your grill because they are waiting in line for a nice piece of smoky meat.


The second thing you will want to consider is that scorpions mostly eat at night, so a good way to prevent being bothered by them is to not go out after dark needlessly. It also means that they will have to find a place to sleep during the day, so again the junk lying around previously mentioned also can make a perfect hotel for a scorpion. You will definitely want to consider this extra well if you have irrigated areas around your yard, such as a pool area or green house. Scorpions love areas like this and can live quite well considering they have everything they need to live a sustainable existence without ever having to venture too far.


Lastly, Pesticides are a tried and true approach to taking of any pest problem. Keep in mind that you will need to know what types of scorpions you are trying to rid yourself of, as all pesticides do not work for all types of scorpions. This will certainly get rid of a large # if they have already inhabited the area, but it will only serve as a temporary solution. The best way to ensure that the bugs get gone and stay gone is to take away their reason for being there in the first place.